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New Exact Change book: Mallarmé

Holy smokes it’s a new Exact Change book!

It’s been a while, but some projects take…a while. We started dreaming of an English-language edition of Stéphane Mallarmé’s legendary Le Livre many years ago, but it took our finding the right translator for all the pieces to fall together. Sylvia Gorelick is a poet, writer, and translator who not only undertook the first complete translation of this text, but a reediting of it with reference to the original handwritten manuscript (now at Houghton Library, Harvard University). The result, as you’ll see, is part concrete poetry, part literary theory, part Mallarméan mystery, part publisher’s balance sheet. Thoroughly Exact Change, in other words – we couldn’t be more pleased with how this finally turned out.


Exact Change e-zine

We’re excited to announce the launch of a monthly e-zine, Exact Change, available now as an app for the iPad and iPhone. The app is a free download, and includes the first issue free (if you poke around you’ll actually find three free issues in there, the additional two are easter eggs we snuck in from the 1980s). Additional issues are available by subscription for $2.99 a month, or $29.99 a year.

The app roams freely between text, image, sound, and film. Selections are short – our goal is to use this format to reimagine footnotes, prefaces, wall texts, flap copy, annotations, dedications, inner sleeves, errata slips, slipcases, obi’s, handbills, broadsides, clippings, marginalia, postcards, invitations, shopping lists, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, love letters, and anything else you might find stashed inside a book, gatefold LP, or video box.

Fire up that device and give it a whirl!

Leonora Carrington/Bjork

But by the way — look who is reading The Hearing Trumpet!

Björk: what inspires me
The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington:
“This book is so inspiring! You English should be proud of her. The book seems destined to be a movie. Free-flowing, spiky imagination. I love its freedom, its humour and how it invents its own laws. What specifically do I take from her? Her wig.”