The Exact Change Yearbook #1

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The Exact Change Yearbook #1

414 pages, 10” x 9” hardcover with audio CD, 1995.
100 copies were signed and numbered by Michael Palmer.
Signed copy in mint condition; unsigned copies are in good to very good condition.

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From the 20th Anniversary Catalogue (see the About page):

“In 1995, we decided to honor and expand this network of influence and friendship with an anthology, modeled after annuals published in the past by New Directions, City Lights, and the great Fluxus press Something Else. The Exact Change Yearbook was a celebration of our list of historical works, placed alongside adventurous contemporary writing which seemed to us influenced by this same tradition. We asked editor Peter Gizzi to gather the new work, and he rallied over a hundred poets and translators from around the world. Since we knew well how to make a CD, we threw one of those in, too, with a program of poets reading aloud. It was an ambitious project — too ambitious, it turned out, to repeat. Yearbook #2 has remained on the drawing board ever since.”